Welcome to Tring Squash Club, a member's club with a friendly atmosphere and great value for money. Our 4 courts and popular bar are located in the Pendley Sports Centre on Cow Lane. The club has mens teams playing squash in Herts leagues 1,2 & 4 as well as a veterans team in Middlesex league 1. There is also a ladies team playing in the Herts and Bucks leagues. We support a number of junior teams ranging from U9 to U19. We also have racketball teams playing in Bucks leagues 1 & 2.

Tournaments, club nights, adult and junior coaching and social events make this a popular club with both ambitious and social squash players.

Latest News

Pendley Sports Centre (PSC), on instruction from the clubs on the Cow Lane site, is looking at measures to address problems that arise in the car park such as motorists finding themselves blocked in, and blocked access for emergency vehicles. PSC believes that these problems will be solved by motorists parking only in marked bays. To this end the viable parking bays have been marked out and a number of access areas have been hatched to indicate that motorists shouldn't park there. This was done on the advice of a specialist company who undertake car park layout design and marking.

Given that previous attempts to modify motorists behaviour didn't solve these problems, the use of a car park management company to augment our self policing efforts has been agreed. However, agreeing the signage detail is delaying the implementation of the service.

PSC still wants to self police and get motorists to park correctly without using the car park management company if possible. Before any management service commences, signage will appear, all clubs will receive communication about the service and be asked to inform their members and club visitors.

In the meantime please park in marked bays only.

Membership Survey

The recent membership survey results have been collated and are available to view here.