The ladder system has been initiated for members that have the time, and would like to play regular competitive day-time squash with different players.

Simple Rules

It goes without saying that any player may challenge another for fun, but to progress up the ladder only challenges of a maximum of 2 places up will count. The winner should place their card above the player they just beat, moving the loser (and possibly 1 other card) down 1 place each. The challenger may replace the challenged player in the ladder positions if:

  • They win the challenge.
  • challenges are not accepted, or if a challenge date is not respected.
  • By mutual agreement if a player is unavailable due to injury or holidays.

Each X (as yet unspecified) number of weeks, the ladder will be completely reversed, putting the first to last and vice-versa. This way there will always be new challenges, and not always with the same players.

Scoring & Format

A point-a-rally would be best, feel free to decide at each match if you play the England Squash norm of 11, or the Tring system of 15. As everybody should get something out of their game, a stronger & weaker player might decide to play a long or adapted game. The result will stand whatever you chose.

New Players

New players are more than welcome, and should simply fill out their name and contact details on a card, and add themselves to the bottom of the ladder situated outside court 4.

Any new player should also e-mail Charles Lefevre advising him that they have joined. Charles will send out regular information to all players, including updated ladder positions & new member details.

The idea is to enlarge your day-time playing circle, and to have fun.